100 word challenge -the other world

Once their was about a girl with magic powers. She was born with them and although she wasn’t very good at school she tried her best. One day she came home  from school and everyone looked upset. Her mother said “We don’t have enough money for dinner.”So the girl said” i will fly to space and fetch some food for us.” And she did, when she was up in space she saw a strange looking planet that wasn’t their before. She flew to it and to her surprise she saw a alien! The alien was nice and gave the girl enough food for a  life time! So it was a happy ending.

the end


I wake up in the morning to see the sea,

I the birds are flying  over the water and into the trees.

I see baby ducklings with their mum and dad floating on the water,

TIME TO SWIM my mum says.

magnetic force😁

What is a magnetic force? By Annie!

Ever wondered what magnetic force is?
Well, here’s your answer! A magnetic force is an attraction which means, come together, or repel.
A magnetic force is an attraction that arises between electrically charged particles because of their motion. It is the basic force that’s responsible for such effects as the action of electric motors and the action that attracts to magnets of iron.
Every bit of matter is made of tiny particles called atoms. Atoms have fast charged electrons that spin all around them. Most of the time, the electron’s spin in random directions. When the electrons all spin in the same direction they create an invisible force known as magnetism.

What is magnetism used for?
Well, science is our understanding of how the world works—and generally, the world works fine whether we understand it or not. Take magnetism, for example. People have known about magnets for thousands of years and they’ve been using them practically, as compasses, for almost as long.
Playing with magnets is one of the first bits of science most us, kids discover. That’s because magnets are easy to use, safe, and fun. They’re also quite surprising. Remember when you first discovered that two magnets could snap together and stick like glue? Remember the force when you held two magnets close and felt them either attract (pull toward one another) or repel (push away)? One of the most amazing things about magnets is the way they can attract other magnets (or other magnetic materials) “at a distance,” invisibly, through what we call a magnetic field.
So that’s what magnetic force is all about!

mother Bruce!

Mother Bruce was not a goose,
Although she was free and on the lose,
Bruce met a moose that said her name was chocolate moose,
But said that the ducklings where her’s and she was a goose,
But she said no i’m not a goose even though i’m free on the lose,
So with that she went.
By Annie